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How Does Backify Track My Purchases?
How Does Backify Track My Purchases?
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In this article, we are going to dive deeper into how Backify keeps track of your purchases. The last thing we would want to happen is for your cashback to not get tracked, so we have lots of things in place to minimize that from happening.

Behind The Scenes

From the moment you enter any website, you are more often than not, greeted with a popup regarding cookies. It is very important to accept these cookies as we use them to track your activity on Backify and other websites that you have visited via our site. This is also the case for our partner sites. They will use cookies to determine whether or not you used Backify to shop with them and whether you will be issued cashback.


What is a Cookie?

Cookies are simple text files that store the information used to work out your browsing preferences, login info, or the contents of your shopping basket. Typically, they’ll hold two pieces of information: a site’s name and a unique user ID.

Backify’s Cookies

The main job of our cookies on Backify is to make sure we track the exact link you use to reach our partner sites. It is essential that we have this in place as this is the only way for them to discover how you found their website.

Our cookies are also designed to enhance your shopping experience by remembering your shopping preferences, what products or sites you are interested in, and making your visit with us as easy as possible.

It’s important to remember, anytime you visit Backify;

  1. Accept our cookies when prompted to do so – this is extremely important, as the cashback may not work properly if cookies aren’t enabled.

  2. Always use the direct links on our website to shop at our partner sites – otherwise, it becomes impossible for the retailer to know you are shopping through the Backify site.

Making Sure Your Purchase is Tracked

  1. Clear your cookies history before using the Backify website, so that any previous recorded visits to our partner sites are taken off your computer, and can then be replaced with the cookies from us.

  2. Make sure to accept our cookies before you start shopping.

  3. Always use the links on Backify website to go straight to the store and make your purchase.

  4. If you leave the site that you accessed through Backify, be sure to use the right link again if you are to continue shopping. If you are to do any other internet browsing our original cookie could potentially be replaced and the cashback will not be tracked.

  5. To make things easier, the best way of tracking your purchases is to install our browser extension. This way you will never miss out on an offer again.

If you have any further questions about cookies, please contact our Customer Support.

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