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Why Has My Cashback Been Rejected?
Why Has My Cashback Been Rejected?
Learn more about the reasons why your cashback could have been rejected.
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Unfortunately, on the rare occasion, your cashback may show as ‘Rejected’ in your account:


There are many reasons why this may have happened, but some of the more common possible reasons may include:

  • You canceled or returned your order or part of your order.

  • You used a promotional code, voucher code, or another form of discount (student discount, NHS discount, etc.) that is not approved by Backify or the vendor when making this purchase.

  • You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote from a previous visit to the store to make this purchase, and therefore, cashback is not valid.

  • Some merchants only pay cashback to new customers, and you have shopped with this merchant before (please see the store's Terms and Conditions before making a purchase).

  • You did not complete your order online i.e. it was finalized over the phone.

  • You did not meet any other of the Terms and Conditions set by the merchant.

  • The bank provider declined the payment

We don’t want to be rejected just as much as you don’t! So, if your reason isn’t listed above, we will do our best to investigate this with the merchant so that we can try and resolve the issue or find out some more information for you.

If your transaction has been declined, and you feel that it isn’t for any of the above reasons, please contact our Customer Support.

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